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About me- Expert Level MFR Therapist

I took my first John F. Barnes course in 2018. After that, I knew this was the work I needed to offer to my clients and community.

I have had several car accidents and injuries myself and I know how frustrating it can be to find pain relief. Myofascial release has been the only thing to ease my chronic pain. I want to show you what is possible too!

I am honored to share the journey of healing from pain and emotional trauma. When you feel like yourself again, you're unstoppable.


In my spare time, I enjoy biking, hiking, and traveling.

-Rachel Pecora LMT

Education and Certifications

Louisiana Board of Massage Therapy LA4301- 2007

Ohio Board of Massage Therapy 33.021087- 2013

John F. Barnes' Myofascial Release Course - 2018

This style of work brought all of the pieces together to help people achieve the lasting results they need to return to a normal, pain-free lifestyle.

Therapy On The Rocks - 2019

Trained alongside John F. Barnes' and the highly regarded staff. Working on the patients receiving treatment at the facility produced astounding results. That experience changed the course of my career leading me to continue studies in Myofascial Release. 

Rachel Pecora is the owner operator of Northeast Ohio Myofascial Release Smiling and wearing a black sweater

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