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Hey MFR Therapist!

Hey Therapist! I see you over there juggling all the responsibilities of owning your MFR practice. I know your clients are getting exactly what they need during treatments. You’re awesome at connecting on the table but are you connecting to your clients when they leave? I know you’re not putting too much thought into your email list but did you know that emails are an important component to the digital side of your business? 

Hi! I’m Rachel Pecora. I am a licensed massage therapist and expert level John F. Barnes trained therapist. I use the power of my email list to keep my practice fully booked with a waitlist and I want to help you do it too.

Here is the thing…

For the longest time, I didn’t know how to talk about myofascial release and how it would help people. I thought people cared about cross-hand releases and piezoelectric effects.

I thought I had to talk about science for people to think I was credible. 

But in reality, people want to know they can be helped!

Our patients heal when they feel safe enough to let go. They feel safe enough to let go when WE come from a deeply centered place AND when we show up as our authentic selves without attachment to the outcome.

You might be asking “what does this have to do with emails?”

I use my email list to communicate  HOW I help them. I paint the picture of what is possible with myofascial release and what their life looks like once they are pain-free. I communicate to a real person on the other side of the screen.  I don’t talk shop jargon that is difficult to understand. I create connection and rapport. I make offers to help.

It’s really that simple!

Emails are the way to go in 2024. Your patients love working with you 1:1 but they need reminders that you can help!

If you use some type of electronic intake form then chances are you already have an email list. You’re sitting on a goldmine of people to speak to! They are already part of your audience so use what you already have to get and keep your books full!


I have successfully run my practice by letting my clients know that I am here and ready to treat them.  

So tell me this:

Is your practice fully booked?


Or… Do you see inconsistent months or weeks? Have some of your clients come for a while and then drop off? Did they say “I'll reschedule after vacation or a surgery” and then never follow through? Are you wanting to send more emails but don’t know what to talk about? Maybe you try to send one and then find yourself staring at a blank screen for a couple of hours. Now you’re upset you’ve wasted precious time that could have been spent somewhere else! 

Any of this sound familiar? 

These were all things I struggled with in my business until I learned how to access the power of my email list.

When I found out how many people were actually reading my emails my schedule started filling up.

My clients look forward to my emails now because they want to know when I have a last minute opening. I have created rapport with my clients outside of treatment time by connecting digitally.

I know you’re thinking “But I don’t want to sound pushy or salesy.”

You won’t sound salesy with my emails. My emails will have a call to action to invite your clients to schedule but not in a slimy car salesmen way. Plus your clients can smell that b.o. From a mile away! 

I can help you get your schedule full and remain full by sending emails to your current patient lists. 

I’ve seen it work in my practice and it will help you too.

I created an e-book and I am giving you 30+ days of email content to share with your audience!

What you do and how you decide to use them is up to you!

Inside of my e-book you will get emails for:

  • Offering packages

  • Offering gift certificates 

  • Rate changes

  • Healing crisis 

  • Emotions in the body

  • The value of multiple sessions

  • Plus! 3 Bonus pages that can be used over and over

And yes! My emails are done for you! 

-All you need to do is copy and paste! EASY!

Here are what people are saying!


How will I receive my e-book?

When you buy my e-book you will receive an instant downloadable PDF file in your email. This document comes as a google doc. You’ll have 30 days to use the link.

How will I know how to use the emails?

I’ve included a tips and tricks section to make it simple.

How will I find the content I want to use?

The table of contents includes a page number. Click the link and quickly find exactly what you’re looking for. 

What’s in the BONUS?

The bonus content pages are more ways to make offers to help! They can be repurposed over and over again!

Can I add my own information to the emails?

Yes! You can add your business information along with your own personal booking links. Change prices, dates, etc. to fit your needs.



Get back to your practice of treating your patients knowing they want to hear from you more!

Stop staring at a blank screen for hours because you don’t know how to talk about MFR!

Emails are a great way to connect to people!

Here is how it will help you in your business:

  • Emails help communicate important business changes and updates.

  • Notify clients of policies and hours

  • Notify patients of upcoming seminars and create urgency around booking before and after so they don’t miss time on your table

  • Ensure consistent income by letting your patients know you are ready to treat them today!

  • Offer promotions and specials to your current clients

  • Tell them how MFR will help THEM!

In my 30+ day email bundle you will get access to real emails I have sent my clients. 

You get to copy and paste the info and use them with your email list. 

You can send emails to fill your schedule and connect with your patients on a regular basis.

I know how hard it is to create emails and then hit "SEND" so that is why I am offering a bundle of 30+ emails that you can start using today!

My bundle offer will save you hours of time so you can go back to treating your patients while your books stay full!

Get this deal today for only $300

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